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things i am afraid to do #1


going to the same fast food restaurant more often than once a week

what if the employees remember me? they might think i am a regular and start to judge me.

that is simply something i cannot risk.

this is a new weblog post; thank you

6/16/2016 (this is not true)

i have created a new blog post on june 15, 2016 and have lied to say it was posted in the future of june 16. i can do this because i have control over the truth of this website. this is the appeal of writing, the control over the flow of information extending to the reader. there is a power there, a small one, that appeals to me

that was not a lie, but it was not truth either

the reader approaches a work with cultural context and preconception. the writer can control the flow of information, but she cannot circumvent the context the reader receives it in. any blank spaces left by the author, intentional or otherwise, are filled in by the reader with a mixture of the culture of the reader and their preconceptions surrounding the genre, what they have heard (if anything) about the work and even the appearance of the author. the writer cannot control the flow of outside information or even the information radiating off of the author herself.

every form of communication is a struggle against preconception and a million personal contexts that we can never know.

that is why it is fun

a new website for the internet; an old thought


i am not a webprogrammer of any sort, yet i am eternally dedicated to the practice of diy. this is my amateur garbage website, but it is amateur garbage *i* made and that is, to me, worthwhile.

can you sort my weblog posts by date? no. can you subscribe through rss? i do not know what rss is. can you leave comments? no, thank god. your opinons are welcome though. i would like to hear them if you can determine how to contact me. i am remarkably easy to contact, but i really want you to work for it and show me your love.

The following is a exhaustive list of the topics i would like your opinion on

stories i have written (feed my ego)

stories i like (see: recommendations)

your impression of me (see: aboutme)


that is all. thank you. please continue reading my weblog when you think of me. thank you.